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JavaScript ‘Microfication’

After I finished Wavy Waves, some work was left to do to reduce its size, fitting into JS1K contest’s 1024 bytes limit. To achieve this incredible size I used Google’s Closure Compiller and the code got reduced...


Wavy Waves (JS1k) – How it works

Ok, after submitting this script, will be nice if I explain how the Wavy Waves Mesmerizer works… Lets start from the beginning: the global variables.

The code above declares everything that will be...


Amusement with JavaScript

I am amazed with the HTML5 specification and the power of JavaScript on the new browsers. On the last months I am spending my spare time coding little visual JavaScript experiments and I am...


XPloding Pixels HTML5 Experiment

Heya, here we come again with another C++ toy. Now I’ve picked my favorite one: the caffo toy! It was ported to JavaScript with no difficulty… about 2 hours of work to port and 2 more to...


Strange Fractal Generator

Ok, one of my experiments with CImg were The Strange Fractal Generator that you can download here. Or visualize online with HTML5 canvas here (you gonna need a Browser [IE isn’t a browser]) and hopefully soon ChromeExperiments. This...

Old Joystick

Game development personal history

Inspired by good music, some cigarettes, a perfect incense and a glass of late harvest sweet muscatel wine I gonna post a resume of my history in game development. I got involved with games as everyone: playing....