Unveiling some images of my premature project

Ok, this is the project that I am working in the last months. I’m just working a few hours per week, so it is evolving very, very slowly.

The game is a puzzle based on physics, with a series of different objectives. For instance get my main test level:


On this level, the player (or the white ball) needs to kill the five other balls. This is ssin with the red connection and the “X” mark on the ball. The two bars (green and yellow), shows the force of thrust that will be applied to the white ball.


The game have a lot of visual effects (perhaps too much). The screen above is a collision between the white ball and a target, the target have been teleported on the bottom-left portal to the center, preserving its movement. Here you can see the distortion created by the motion of the white-ball.

The screen shown below, haves an explosion, that make all the “movable pieces” of the screen to get propelled (included the white-ball).


And the last screenshot is just a moment of a confusion generated by teleport, explosion and collision.


At this moment I’m working at the menu and level loading. The next screenshots probably will show how the menu behaves.

I hope that everyone enjoy.

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