Amusement with JavaScript

I am amazed with the HTML5 specification and the power of JavaScript on the new browsers.

On the last months I am spending my spare time coding little visual JavaScript experiments and I am impressed with the performance and the productivity of this technology. It haves good debugging facilities, good syntax and huge flexibility. With the advent of the HTML5 and it new JavaScript API the web can now have richer interfaces and enhance the user experience.

The community is exploring this technology with experiments and public postings on JS contests. One of the first sites that contained such experiments is the Chrome Experiments. Although there is a strict selection of the content, amazing JS experiments are posted there every week.

Other site, intended for developers, is where the users can post their scripts, ideas or questions about the technology. There are a big range of good developers using it and posting surprising solutions for problems. Lots of little APIs are growing in this ‘ecosystem’.

Besides the showcases, there are some contests pushing the creativity of the developers towards the infinite. I believe that the more interesting is the js1k contest that forces that the submission is under 1k (just the script), no external includes and it needs to run on Chrome, Safari, Opera and Fire Fox.

There are also the 10k Apart contest that haves more elaborated applications, due to its nature: application should have less than 10k (including images, scripts, css and html) and can use one external lib (jQueryPrototype or Typekit). Wonderful applications are being submitted there.

And there are a series of 6 contests being run by Jam – HTML5 & Flash –. Each contest have an organizer that proposes the topic, then 3 solutions of each series will be awarded.

Some 1337 developers keep their showcases and experiments online, here follows some of them (alphabetical order): Hakim El HattabMathieu ‘p01’ Henri and Mr. Doob.

As I said, I’m spending some time with it. Nothing serious, but I have some experimentation to show:

Strange Fract Gen


Generates a fractal using a logo-like pseudo language.

XPloding Pixels


Breaks the input image into hundreds of small gravitating pieces.

Particle per-pixel collision


Per pixel collision for the falling particles that are reflected on collision.

Lightweight particles for dummies


A little script to show how powerful the JS is. 50k particles using sinusoidal functions.

Wavy waves


Mesmerizer for the js1k contest. Click to change the functions that  generates the waves.

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