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JavaScript ‘Microfication’

After I finished Wavy Waves, some work was left to do to reduce its size, fitting into JS1K contest’s 1024 bytes limit. To achieve this incredible size I used Google’s Closure Compiller and the code got reduced...


Wavy Waves (JS1k) – How it works

Ok, after submitting this script, will be nice if I explain how the Wavy Waves Mesmerizer works… Lets start from the beginning: the global variables.

The code above declares everything that will be...


Amusement with JavaScript

I am amazed with the HTML5 specification and the power of JavaScript on the new browsers. On the last months I am spending my spare time coding little visual JavaScript experiments and I am...


XPloding Pixels HTML5 Experiment

Heya, here we come again with another C++ toy. Now I’ve picked my favorite one: the caffo toy! It was ported to JavaScript with no difficulty… about 2 hours of work to port and 2 more to...